We cater for children from 6 weeks to 5 years

NurseryNURSERY 6 weeks to 15 months

We have a warm and nurturing environment reflecting the home and family setting for our babies and toddlers in the nursery where each child has their own routines allowing them to learn and develop as the little individuals that they are. Our qualified educators in the nursery are committed to building strong and meaningful relationships with the babies and toddlers where they feel loved, safe and secure. The nursery is a reflection of the principals, practices and learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework. Our Nursery educators all have completed their first aid, asthma, anaphylaxis and SIDS training to ensure the health and safety of all our babies.

JUNIOR KINDY JUNIOR KINDY (ROOMS 1 AND 2) 15 months to 2.5 years

Junior Kindy 1 and 2 provide ample opportunities for all children to develop their own individual identities while developing their social and emotions skills; the educators do this through working in collaboration with the children’s families and the Early Years Learning Framework. At Natural Beginnings we provide an indoor out door program this enables all children to freely explore and engage in their environment to ensure meaningful learning is taking place.

SENIOR KINDYSENIOR KINDY 2.5 years to 3.5 years

Senior Kindy provides open ended opportunities for the children to learn and grow, the highly qualified educator’s base their program off the Early Years Learning Framework and the education model of Reggio Emelia this allows the children to freely explore their creative side through having access to art mediums. Through this method this allows the children to express themselves through creative art experiences. Senior Kindy also run an indoor out door programs to ensure children have every opportunity to gain the most from their learning experiences.


The Government Approved Kindergarten program is run by a bachelor qualified teacher and a diploma qualified educator. The kindergarten teacher works in collaboration with the locals schools to ensure a smooth transition for all children moving from our setting to the school environment at the end of each year. The Kindergarten program is based on the QLD Kindergarten Guidelines this ensures that children will have the knowledge and social development that they will need to transition into school the following year. In our Kindergarten room we have an interactive white board for the children to learn and explore pre-writing skills, number and shapes using the Jolly Phonics program to ensure smooth transition for the children into school.

There is so much outdoors for the children to learn and explore:

  • Dry creek beds with a timber bridge provides the children with a variety of climbing, stepping and balancing activities
  • Garden World is where the children become little farmers – planting seeds and watching plants and vegetables grow into food they can eat
  • Water park where children explore different flows of water while cooling off on a hot day
  • Construction pit where children keep busy exploring with mud and dirt – reaping all of the evidenced physical, psychological and emotional benefits of mud play
  • A Bike track where children can race around and over bumps
  • The goat house, where the children love to help and take care of the animals
  • Connecting with the country (Bush Kindy) where children can explore the creek bed, climbing walls and tree grows.


At Natural Beginnings Childcare we pride ourselves on our healthy nutritional meals that are provided for our children. Our menu has been developed in accordance with Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents in Australia set out by the Australian Government national health and medical research council. Natural Beginnings Childcare ensures that every child’s needs are taken into consideration to ensure their need and dietary requirements are met.

We source all our food from our local suppliers; we feel that it is important to support our local community and this ensures that all food prepared for Natural Beginnings children is fresh and healthy.

Our Cook at Natural Beginnings Childcare has a real passion for ensuring that all children are provided with healthy nutritional meals as she is always finding new and exciting healthy options to include in our menu. Our cook attends all professional developments that become available to ensure she keeps up to date with the nutritional needs of the children. She prepares and cooks all meals fresh daily at our service ensuring food safety standards are complied with.